does anybody know a website where I can take surveys and earn money?

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I’m looking for a website, preferrably one that you have used and trust, that I can earn money on for completing surveys. thank you so much!

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  1. Stacii Face on May 15, 2014 12:28 am

    First off, there is NO website that you earn straight money for taking surveys. (i’ve signed up for more than 50). I know there’s commercials and whatnot, it’s all a hoax.

    Here’s the catch, yes it’s free to do, BUT.. you don’t earn money.. you earn Marketpoints.. that you can redeem for rewards, such as $10 donation to a charity or a gift card for a restaurant. The $10 donations are 1,000 points. Doesn’t sound like much does it? WRONG! Gift cards, visa cards, pay pal cards and such are 60,000 plus points.

    Now put this in perspective.. it sounds not so bad right? Take some surveys, earn points, redeem for rewards.. at MAX you will 100 points for completing the survey (which is EXTREMELY rare)..that’s if you’re allowed to finish it and you’re not screened out because you “don’t qualify” or they’ve “already filled their quota for the reseach”, in those cases (which is more times than not), you earn an entry to daily and quarterly sweepstake drawings for either a few hundred or a few thousand. But that’s it.

    Like I said at max you’ll get 100 points, and usually by the time you get to take the survey, you’re screened out because it’s full. The surveys that you actually will be able to complete, you only get 15 to 30 points, occasionally 50.

    So unless you plan on spending every waking moment taking surveys, or don’t mind waiting 5 years to get a $25 gift card to Applebee’s, I suggest don’t waste your time. Seriously. I learned that that hard way.

    Here’s some of the sites that I’m a member myself on… is another one, now it gives actual dollar amounts per survey or activity. I quit using it because there was a catch to it but I don’t remember what it was, since I stopped over a year ago.

    But there you go, hope this helps.
    But I must say if you’re wanting extra money like that.. you’d have a better chance going around and collecting cans and bottles.

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