does anyone have any quick money tips for harvest moon ds not cute?

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i need quick money but don’t know how do get it please help me if you can.

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  1. procrastinator on June 18, 2014 4:04 pm

    Well Harvest Moon DS is full of glitches.

    If you hire the sprite fishing team to work at the beach in the winter, you may possibly get a billion G randomly.
    (Note: You may regret it afterwards though, because once you have all that money, the whole point of farming becomes pointless.. and since it is a farming game, it’s rather defeating the game).

    But if you just want ways to make money, I’d suggest you dig for jewellery in the excavation site, and sell them to Van (he visits the Inner Inn, upstairs on days ending in 3 or 8, from 10am-6pm). Don’t sell it until he offers at least 3,200G per jewellery (refuse and offer again until he gives a good price).

  2. Nitro on June 18, 2014 4:33 pm

    Along with the above answer’s suggestions, I would also say while digging for jewelry you should save your game, dig up a row, and if you find any jewelry load your game and dig in that spot only. Or multiple spots if you find more than one piece. Continue doing this until you’ve dug up the whole floor row by row, then walk out and back in and repeat. You will increase the amount of digging you can do before fainting drastically allowing you to get much more money.

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