how can i earn money as a freshman?

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im a new freshman and im looking for a way to earn money.i cant get a paper route cuz her isnt one where i live thanks to freakin mailmen.forget lemonade stnds nd all that crap.i dont have time to babysit either.our family is pretty bad financialy so asking for money or working for money from them is definatly not an option.any ideas?i want some spending money just so like if i wana buy some music or get some taco bell uk that kinda crap.thnks alot for your help

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  1. Jasmine Cotton on May 16, 2014 2:48 am

    First of all surveys are bull crap you dont qualify for all of them and second people with blogs dont say anything visit my profile you will see an easy way to make money even if it does take time,

  2. Dad House on May 16, 2014 3:20 am

    In this economy, with so many ones needing to support families, out of work, older adults are now doing retail jobs normally done by young folks. That leaves few options for finding ways to earn money. As such, why not consider starting your own “Green Friendly” business that can be done using a bicycle with a few tools. My sister did this while going to college. Here is an article on it. Due to the limit on the number of characters you can put into these answer boxes, I cannot simply copy it into here.

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