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Ok here in ireland you need a good job to borrow loads of money from the bank.. like u need to be earning about 150k a year to borrow 1million for a house,
If i am earning about 200k from my website how does the bank know that ?
like out of the blue I quit my job and i start earning a living off the money from my website (google ads)
do I talk to someone and tell them ? or does the bank give out large amounts of money according to how much is coming into my bank?
i dunno.. please answer. thanks
basicly i want to borrow 1million from the bank but they don’t know that I have a good job (running my website) or do they know that?
coz they only give out money if I have a high paying job which I have. but what if they dont give me 1 million? should I tell them I do have a good job.

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  1. Bill on May 19, 2014 8:01 am

    You could present your income tax returns from previous years to show that you business is real and is earning money.

    You could show them your business’s books and your business checking account records.

    If nothing else, explain to the bank your situation and they will tell you what documentation they will require.

    The bank will base the amount they lend to you on the amount of income your have. Your income does not have to come from a job. Income can be from a business, investments, retirement, disability, etc.

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