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I am a SAHM and I do not drive. I am 23 and need to make money from home. At least 0 a week to contribute to my husbands inco,me. I need some advice please that can make me money soon before we have to cut back much more than we have already done. Thank you so much for the advice in advance.
i sew, i crochet, i knit, and other artistic things. I have a husband who works full time as a manager and I go to doctors visits when he has the day off. I am also graduating college in a few weeks with a degree in human service management but will start a career in that field when my children are in school. I wanted something small to contribute until then.

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  1. Teddy on June 24, 2014 2:12 am

    What skills do you have? My mother can sow and makes blankets for children. Sells them locally but should be done over internet too. Things like that.

  2. SAHMOnTheGo on June 24, 2014 2:17 am

    Probably the easiest would be childcare in your home.

    If you decide to provide childcare in your home, check the regulations in your area (number of children allowed without a license, etc.) You can choose to get licensed and then you can accept ABC vouchers (may be called something else where you live) where you would get paid by the state.

    Make sure you draft a contract about exactly what days and times are available, sick child policy, etc. I am sure you can Google and find some examples. Be certain it includes the charges, what that includes and when it is due. Then ALWAYS stick to the contract. Be polite but firm.

  3. bazil323 on June 24, 2014 2:55 am

    I do medical transcription at home. Most places want you to have some education on medical terminology, and in my area, the technical college offers a 1-year transcription certification (not required but definitely ups chances of getting hired). Where I work, they require that you work physically at the clinic for 2 years and then you can work from home if your productivity is good enough (fairly easy to accomplish if you type well). You do need a good grasp on grammar, especially since most docs don’t, lol! My great-aunt also does transcription from home, and she actually lived in South Carolina for a while but worked for a company in Minnesota where she used to live.

    There are also transcriptionists in the legal field, but I don’t know what sort of education you’d need for that.

    If you have a good eye, you can try picking up interesting things at garage sales and flea markets and selling them online. It’s not a guarantee of money, but it would give you a lot of flexibility since you could go out picking a couple days a month and then sell what you find the rest of the month if you find a lot. You’d need to be really self motivated and know something about what sort of things sell well.

  4. mahli on June 24, 2014 3:38 am

    How do you take your children to the doctor for checkups and out and about to do activities if you don’t drive? Since you’re really young, you should think about going to college so that you can make something of yourself. You could take online classes while you sit at home, and then one day have a career, even if you want to wait until your kids go to school.

  5. elaeblue on June 24, 2014 4:28 am

    Honestly your best bet is to watch someones children… If you have no felony charges no child abuse /neglect charges and have a clean home with toys etc.. you can be licensed to watch children.
    At very little (if any) cost..

    In my area most Nannies/babysitters/ coops/ daycare centers charge about $120 a week for one child for 40 hours. So you can see that you can make some decent money.

    The secret to keeping your sanity.. and your home clean…is: when you are working… you are working ..dont do your housework while you have the kids.. this gives your own children unrestricted time with Mom and the other kids too. Make a schedule and stick to it.. very soon the kids will know exactly what to expect and will be content with it.. be flexible at first and see ..does lunch work best at 112 or 1? when is nap time for each child. Once set – keep it that way and each child joins in the current activity when they arrive..

    In my state one person can have up to 6 kids ..after that you need another person..that does not count your own kids.

    I left a link that will show you where and how in your own state since you didnt give that information. Good luck.

  6. Olya on June 24, 2014 4:57 am

    If you are artistic and like to knit, crochet etc.. have you tried having an online shop on ebay or etsy? You can easily raise $150 a week if you have enough products.
    Also check You can post up to 20 gigs for $5 each. You will be surprised what people buy there. I was getting $50 a week easily from 1 gig a week (and you can have up to 20 if I am not mistaken).

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