What are some easy ways to make money? Legally preferably…?

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I have a part time job, I’m in college, and I need more money. Any ideas to make money quick?

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  1. Debby S on May 25, 2014 8:44 pm

    How about this? You can quick review a website and then you’ll get paid for $1.Imagine if you can review 6 websites a day and then you multiply it by 30 days..And this site turns out to be very legit(I’ve proved it myself), I just got my $75 ( for the second time!) transferred to my Paypal account this morning..wow,I mean not bad for an extra money ..
    Totally free,totally awesome..I guaranteed you’ll get addicted,,BUT NeVeR EvER try to sign up for more than one account,you’ll get banned for sure :0)

    But first,you must have a Paypal account, if you don’t have one, click here:

    And the second one,you gotta be 18 years old or older,but don’t worry,just fake your age coz they won’t find out anyway :0)
    Ready to make money? Give it a try, you got nothing to lose…

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