what is the quickest way to make money in Millionaire city on Facebook?

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I seem to be having a hard time making a lot of money in millionaire city and i want to know if there’s any tricks to making money quicker so i can expand and buy bigger houses and such, so what is the quickest way to make money in Millionaire city on Facebook?

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  1. AA on June 6, 2014 6:20 pm

    The best way to make money depends on the type of city you are planning to build. The two main types people have are

    1) Residential Based City
    2) Commerce Based City

    We will look into detail to see which of the two suits you better.

    1) Residential Based City

    - For people who play the game once/twice a day or less
    - Focus on building housings that will yield high rent income
    ( one good example is Colonial, you get $60,000 on a 18hr contract and only takes up 3*3 of plot size…which is great for future upgrades)
    - 18hr contract yields the best profit for most buildings
    - Add decorations such as Fountains, Japanese trees and Palm trees to increase your rent and pimp those houses

    2) Commerce Based City

    - For people who are online most of the time (as commerce are all on a 3-min timer)
    - Surround your commerce with the highest number of tenants as possible
    - Buildings that yield great number of tenants includes Skyscrapers
    >>> 3*3 lot, 39 tenants on 18 hr contract
    - Put all your buildings on 2hr or 18hr contract as they yield the most tenants.

    Hope this helps and good luck with your game.

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